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Orthopedic Superior


Dream Tech Premium Range Beds:

Fast becoming one of our best selling beds. This turn able dura coil bed set has it all.

With it’s beautiful panel quilted fabric and comfortable poly latex foam layers and lumbar back support system it is no wonder that it is a so popular.

More and more of our client are moving to our turn able bed sets. That is why this beauty was created.


  • Medium Firm Turn-able Mattress
  • Ideal for adults looking for a turn-able spring mattress with added lumbar support.
  • Ideal for side and stomach sleepers.
  • It has a durability rating of up to 140 kg per person.
  • Beautiful panel quilted knit fabric, keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable.
  • Polly Latex foam layers for that luxurious feel.
  • 2yr Guarantee, 20yr Warranty
  • Available in 92cm, 107cm, 137cm, 152cm,  183cm
  • Add 10% for XL

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