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Dream Teach Super Firm


  • This is a Turn-able multi layered foam mattress that is suitable for individuals looking for firm support with lasting quality.
  • The combination of foam layers are arranged in such a way to provide durable support but also to ensure proper posture is maintained. This is achieved by the foams body conforming effect.
  • Please be sure to pair this mattress with a higher pillow when sleeping on one’s side.
  • The mattress has a durability rating of up to 130kg per person.
  • A 2yr Factory Guarantee & 15yr Warranty is standard.
  • It is available in 92cm, 107cm, 137cm, 152cm, 183cm
  • Add 10% for extra length
  • Special Sizes can be ordered at an additional cost. (Enquire in store or via email)
  • Choose you size below.
  • Mattress options are found when scrolling down this page.
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